Cook's Campground And Cabins

On the shores of Cross Bay!

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Campground Sites

Pets are strongly discouraged, however if you bring your pet it must be leashed (Extension leashes must be kept at no more than 2 feet from person) and quiet in the campground.  Pets are not to be left alone at anytime and not allowed in cabins.  

Campground sites are both serviced and un-serviced varying in size and are rented on first come first serve basis.  Each campsite has a picnic table and fire pit. Firewood is available for purchase at camp office.  Campsites are paid upon arrival,  Please see payment page,  

Serviced campsite -  have electrical and water hook up ,  $40.00 per night plus applicable taxes 

Unserviced -  $30.00 per night plus applicable taxes  

Sites include:  4 occupants. 1 tent/trailer, 1 dining tent, 1 vehicle, 1 boat.

Additional charges:

extra occupants:   $5/person/night

extra vehicle:  $5 per day 

extra boat: $5 per day

1 extra tent:  $10 night 

More than 1 RV in one site will be charged separate camping fees

** All prices are not including taxes.
** Prices are subject to change without notice.

***seasonal site base price $1200 + GST - additional costs may apply please contact camp managers or camp owner for more information and availability.***